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About Repta

REPTA was founded in 2004 through a need for the interests of the Reptile and Exotic pet trade to be represented at governmental level and insure our interests were considered within policy change and legislation. This was in response to a groundswell of animal rights extremist action that would have sought to end the private keeping of reptilian and exotic mammal companion animals.

The majority of REPTA’s output often goes unseen working to advise government on REPTA related issues to help steer and adapt policy change proposals.  REPTA also develops considered and thorough analysis to be able to present to government to illustrate our interests. REPTA engages with a range of working groups that also report to government. REPTA is a member of organisations such as CASC (Companion Animal Sector Council) and PAAG (Pet Advertising Advisory Group).

Much of REPTAs current workload centres on the updating and post implementation review of the LAIA (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals). This legislation affects all licensed pet selling centres across the UK. Other work includes addressing problematic proposed legislative change in the form of prejudicial standards put forward by the Animal Rights lobby which have unfortunately entrenched themselves in advisory roles.

REPTA is a trade organisation but has strong ties to the hobby wing of herpetoculture and regularly consults with the FBH (Federation of British Herpetologists). This helps to ensure the most  joined up approach regarding the protection of the entirety of our sector.

REPTA also works closely with Responsible Reptile Keeping (a fantastic promotional platform) which has revolutionised the journalistic approach to dealing with reptile related issues worldwide. This allows REPTA to have a more effective voice across the social media landscape and maintain support.

REPTA is keen to assess in greater depth the reptile and amphibian pet trade in the UK. REPTA will be producing future surveys which it is of pivotal importance as many pet centres as possible support. With a greater emphasis than ever on data, government is keen to have such overviews and analysis. REPTA is uniquely positioned to be able to deliver this mandate. By working closely with pet selling businesses, specialist wholesalers and manufacturers REPTA is working diligently to ensure the brightest possible future for the industry.


Services available to members of REPTA:

  • Advice on legal matters pertaining to the sale of reptiles and amphibians in the UK

  • To advise on local authority issues regarding licensing (new or established businesses)

  • Guidance on CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species)

  • Guidance on importation

  • Regular updates on REPTA workload and our case diary

  • Access to REPTA reports and analysis sent to government

  • Husbandry advice

  • A receptive ear to concerns and issues faced by business owners.


Image by David Jdt
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